Success Stories

Mushroom Cultivation

Many Rural women who have undergone training at IRTC have taken up mushroom cultivation as a livelihood option, both individually and as collectives. IRTC has also promoted Joint Liability Groups (JLG) of women for mushroom cultivation to take up mushroom as a commercial venture. Continuous technical, scientific and managerial support is given to such individuals and groups.


Decoupage or the pottery decoration is an art form with tremendous potential as a commercial venture and as a household industry. This easy-to-learn technique has been transferred to a number of women and has empowered and enabled them to support themselves financially through its practice.

Parishad Production Centre

The soap and toiletries division of IRTC has given birth to the PPC, which has been established as full-fledged production facility of soaps and toiletries, which employs rural women. The products of PPC are marketed through sales outlets and also through its website


The Susthira Farmer Producer Company is another feather in the crown of IRTC's vast array of achievements. The NABARD-backed company brings together rural farmers and encourages them to engage is scientific and collective farming activities and market their products under the brand name 'Susthira'.

2015-2016 | Integrated Rural Technology Centre ( IRTC ), Mundur
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