Three-day Training in Fundamentals of GIS & Remote Sensing

IRTC conducted a three-day training program based on fundamentals of Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing technologies from 25th to 27th November 2019. Researchers and professionals from within and outside the state participated in the training. The participants included researchers from the states of Chhattisgarh and Tamil Nadu.

Acclaimed geologist and Director of IRTC Dr.S.Sreekumar inaugurated the training on first day.  He gave an introduction to the GIS & Remote Sensing programmes of IRTC. IRTC registrar K.K.Janardhanan and R.Satheesh, Natural Resource Management division head, also spoke. After the opening session, Project Scientist Anand Sebastian led the class on "Fundamentals of Remote Sensing & its Applications".


Practical sessions on satellite image processing and land use land cover classification were conducted by Vivek Asokan, Project Assistant at IRTC. The project assistants Ragendu N.R and Rajan M.M conducted local resource mapping training and provided an introduction to the theory and practice of GIS technology. Afterwards Ragendru N.R led the practical training on Google Earth Mapping.


On the third day the participants were introduced with the applications and potential of GPS technology through field work led by Anand Sebastian and Vivek Asokan. In the last session, the training program was evaluated by R. Satheesh, Head of Natural Resource Management Division. All participants shared their views on the training. Participants commented that the training made it easier to understand the basics of GIS & Remote sensing and that further advanced phases of the training should be organized.

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