Luca Quiz 2.0 Online Science Quiz

As an extension of Luca quiz, Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad is organizing Luca 2.0, a science quiz for high school and higher secondary students through its online science portal Luca during December 2019- January 2020. The quiz is jointly organized by the Integrated Rural Technology Center, the popular science research institute of KSSP in collaboration with UNICEF. The quiz programme aims to instill among the students, the basic scientific knowledge to solve issues related to daily life and thereby develop scientific temper among them. 

Students can participate individually or as a group through schools.

The first phase of the quiz will consist of general science questions.

Those who pass the first phase can choose any number of favourite topics from 20 given topics. Badges would be given to the ones who pass each topic.

20 Subjects…20 Badges

Come, let’s celebrate Science


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