Agriculture and Allied Activities

The agriculture and allied activities of IRTC are carried out both as standalone programmes and also under the processes taken up by the various divisions. Major interventions started in 1991 with the Group Approach to Locally Adaptable and Sustainable Agriculture (GALASA) project, which was a scientific agriculture package for increasing the production of paddy in each ‘Padasekharam’ through developing and utilizing the available resources of land, water, manpower and other components of production as group activity. Sericulture was attempted at IRTC campus during 1991-94. Training was given to farmers in rearing of silk worms for silk production. Assessment of quality of cocoons produced indicated that climatic conditions in Palakkad, Kerala were not favourable for good quality silk. A new tapping technique called Inclined Upward Tapping was tested for getting increased latex yield in rubber (1999-2001). Up to 40% increase in latex yield was reported. A handbook on the method has also been published.  IRTC has a dedicated Food Technology laboratory and is engaged in research in post-harvest technology as well. The NABARD-backed farmer producer organization promotion was also taken up successfully. Fisheries, mushroom cultivation, etc. are also undertaken through various programmes and divisions.



Retired Dpty. Director of Agriculture Dept. of Kerala. Formor managing director of KSBCDC and Board member of National Backword classes financial development corporation. From feb 2012 onwards in IRTC, working as aggronomist in the RSTO team.


Surya Sethumadhavan

Project Assistant (Biotechnology)
M Sc

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