Energy has been one of the most important areas of involvement for IRTC, right from its inception.  This division spearheads various activities in the fields of energy conservation, non-conventional energy sources, etc. The Meenvallom Small Hydro Project is a towering achievement of the division. Other notable activities are development of biomass based cooking systems; biomass gasifier based rural energy systems, energy conservation campaigns, etc. There is an Electrical and Electronics lab which undertakes development of energy efficient devises and various studies related with energy conservation, power line mapping, etc. Other involvements of the Division over the decades have encompassed Fuel- Efficient fire wood chulhas, Total Energy Documentation Project, Demand-Focused Energy Planning, Solar Power Systems etc.



Indian nuclear engineer and eminent science contributor. He is an atomic scientist and educationist of India. He played an important role in Indian Nuclear program, and he is a prolific writer, having written 29 popular science books in Malayalam and two in English.

R. V. G. Menon

Deputed as the director of Agency for Non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology (ANERT). He is the author of "An Introduction To The History And Philosophy Of Science" which is a part of the Engineering curriculum in Kerala.


H.O.D of physics (Retd) from Govt. Collage chittur. Thirty years of teaching experience in collages . After retirement, joined in IRTC as coordinator of PFA-NHWDP. at present engaged as Research coordinator of IRTC. From 1982 onwards associating with kssp activities in various positions.

Radha Gopi

Radha Gopi is an expert in the area of energy. He was the deputy manager of SILK. He is working with irtc from 2009 onwards.


Prof. K Sreedharan

Prof. K Sreedharan is an expert in the area of Energy, a scientist and an acclaimed writer on energy issues. He has held several portfolios of importance in KSSP. He has been active in the front of various environmental movements in Kerala as well.

K A Sivadas

A retired Assistant Executive Engineer from KSEB, he holds B Tech and MBA degrees. An independent consultant in energy sector.


Indrajith K S

Apprentice Scientist

Rangaswamy R


Shinton P C


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