Flagship Programmes

Meenvallam Small Hydro Power Project

Meenvallam Small Hydro Power Project owned and operated by a company set up by the Palakkad District Panchayath, is a quantum leap, both for IRTC and the state's energy sector. Inaugurated on 29th August 2014, the project is successful and economically viable source of energy and income r (https://goo.gl/ZIvfY4). The project has garnered income of over Rs 500 million earned within 2 years. IRTC as technical consultant has conceived and provided technical support for this 3 MW Project. The success of Meenvallom has inspired the local body to take up more such projects.

Hot Box

An innovation to reduce cooking fuel usage and promote energy conservation, the Hot Box is a thermal insulator to save cooking fuel and time and also to store cooked food items preserving their heat. The hot box is able to save up to 50% of energy used in cooking rice on an average. Field trials have shown that the hot box can save around 80 grams of LPG per kilogram of rice cooked. The box can be bought from offices of KSSP or online from the Samata website.

Smokeless Chulha

The smokeless wood-burning stove (Chulha) is a remarkable innovation with a capacity to do wonders by way of greatly reducing energy wastage in cooking, offering improvement in the efficiency of the traditional wood-burning stoves, and also improving the health of people by removing the menace of soot and smoke from kitchens. The chulhas are made from locally available materials and involves only negligible costs and has near-zero maintenance costs. Activists of KSSP have installed tens of thousands of these stoves in households across Kerala. The patent-free copy left design has been adopted by other firms and individuals and marketed and propagated widely into award-winning designs (http://nif.org.in/innovation/portable-energy-efficient-wood-stove/611 ).

Domestic Biogas Plant

The portable domestic biogas plant is another breakthrough innovation of IRTC that serves the households through domestic waste disposal and energy conservation. The design of the plant is easy to handle, durable and elegant. Plants of different dimensions are available to suit every household size. Both fixed-dome and floating-dome type plants have been designed by IRTC. The range of sizes of plants can cater to 2.5 to 2000 kilograms of input waste per day. The domestic plant comes with a water jacket which makes it attractive as well. Watch Video

Farmer Producer Organisation

Agriculture being the foremost production activity, promotion of sustainable agriculture backed by Science & Technology is vital for sustainable development and also for self-sufficiency of traditional farmers. The Susthira Farmers Producer Company Ltd was established with the assistance of NABARD, to promote Safe-to-eat rice and other agricultural products. This is another important step in the direction of promoting sustainable agricultural practices, with the help of scientific innovations. The products are being marketed under the brand name of 'Susthira'.

Holistic Watershed Development Programme

IRTC had taken up the mantle of being the Resource  Support  Organization  (RSO)  for  the  NABARD  holistic  watershed  development  programme (HWDP) in  Palakkad  District  in  the  implementation phase of 45 watersheds and supporting 12 watersheds in this scheme as Project Facilitation Agency (PFA). The project covered a vast area of more than 33,000 hectares and is considered among the most successfully implemented watershed-based development programmes.


For the people in the coastal areas of Kerala, IRTC has been instrumental in the implementation of the Theeramythri programme of Government of Kerala, done through the Society for Assistance to Fisher women (SAF). We have been giving active support as consultants to the programme from the time of its inception, touching the lives of thousands of people along the coastal belt. IRTC has been able to actively contribute to all aspects of the programme viz. Programme Planning and Implementation, Monitoring, Hand holding Support, Training and Business Promotion & Marketing Support etc.

WADI Project

IRTC has forayed into the much-needed area of the issues of tribal population and other marginalized sections of the state. The programs and actions of IRTC are supported by research and rooted in our stated commitment to the disadvantaged. Funded interventions and own initiatives are part of IRTC’s projects for tribal areas. Major intervention in the tribal lives comes in the form of the WADI, the Tribal Development Fund (TDF) project funded by NABARD which are already in operation in the Attappady settlement. A number of other interventions are also in the pipeline.

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