Geographical Information Systems - GIS

Usage of Geographical Information Systems in Local Planning and Water shed management is an emerging area of worldwide importance. IRTC has set up a separate division for Geographical Information System (GIS) to cater to the needs of various Local Self Governing Institutions in porting the geo-spatial data in to GIS platform for easy data retrieval and updating. A Web GIS based Decision Support System is in place to help various stakeholders including Panchayaths for preparing action plans for soil and water conservation , improving agriculture productivity, livelihood support programmes and creation of other durable assets. The GIS lab uses free/open source software and also provides trainings in the Open Source platform to various beneficiaries including students, activists and researchers.


Sri. R.Sathish

Engineer with the decades experience in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluating watershed developing and natural resource management projects. Expertise in GIS and worked as faculty member at KILA. Coordinated implementation of Research & Development projects funded by Central, State and Local Governments


Professional in GIS


M V Kiran

Holds diploma in Electrical Engineering. He specializes in a number of areas including Geographical Information Systems, Solar power systems and Electrical Engineering.

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