Solid Waste Management

Solid waste and its management have been among the most troubling and debated aspects of the rapidly urbanising Kerala society, as is everywhere else. IRTC has taken this as a challenge and also as its responsibility to work in the area of waste management, especially solid waste management. The division is involved in developing various technologies/technology packages for use at household waste management as well as at the community level. The division provides technical support to various Local Self Governing Institutions in Kerala for implementing Solid Waste Management units / projects in their localities. It also promotes waste management at domestic level through composting/vermi-composting solutions and offering technology packages for the same. It is engaged in the development and popularisation of portable bio-gas plants as an effective solution for kitchen waste management. KSCSTE assisted research project on development of Effective Micro Organisms (EMO) for composting is another important work, currently in progress.



An Environmental Scientist with 37 Years of experience in Teaching, Research and Extension put up in the KAU and KVASU. Since 1997, there is a continuous involvement Of Prof.Raghunandanan in waste management activities as well as Research and Development activities related to bio-degradable wastes in association with IRTC.


Prof. P.K.Ravindran

A retired professor, Scientific expert and former President of KSSP, Dr. Raveendran is an eminent scholar with a number of books and published articles to his credit. He is also a former director of IRTC. During an illustrious career, he has held the portfolios of a Lecturer, Scientific Officer, Expert in Planning Board, Deputy Director of Collegiate Education and Senate Member of M.G University

V G Gopinathan

A former Registrar of IRTC and an activist of KSSP, he retired from the Kerala State Health Department in 2013. He played an important part in the total literacy campaign of Kerala as an office-bearer of KSSP.


Jilsha Jagadeesh

Project Assistant
M. Sc

Sajeevan V


Rahul R

Civil Engineer
M.Tech civil engineering

Deekshith AR

Mechanical Engineer
B.Tech Mechanical Engineering

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