What We Offer For Academicians

Research Support

As an institution supported by DST, Govt. of India and KSCSTE, Govt. of Kerala, IRTC provides research support to academicians of various streams to pursue research under schemes of government-run funding agencies in an inspiring and conducive environment. What we are looking for is a commitment to society and a passion for people-oriented research.


Individuals and organizations working with a similar objectives and spirit are welcome to collaborate with us in academic pursuits leading to socially relevant solutions or findings.

Library and Reference

IRTC campus houses a library and documentation centre which is quite unique. What makes it distinctive is the richness of its contents, and coverage ranging from social sciences to life sciences and journals and magazines to publications in different languages. Cadastral maps, development perspective plans and resource maps of almost all local bodies in the state are present in the reference section. Periodicals, proceedings, Research publications and other reports relating to various disciplines is another feature of the documentation centre.

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