What We Offer For Local Bodies

Waste Management Solutions

To address the burning issue of solid waste accumulation in households and public places, we offer consultation, training and support in the installation of biogas plants. Portable plants for households and large capacity fixed plants are offered by us. Various composting solutions including vermi composting, kitchen bins, etc. are also offered.

Technical Consultancy for Projects

With its unmatched background and experience in participatory and democratic processes, IRTC is a leader in the formulation and implementation of integrated development projects. We have been supporting LSG institutions for the past three decades. A number of LSG institutions have benefitted from the association with us in the past.

Watershed based development Solutions

Watershed based development has been one of the thrust areas of research and development for us. IRTC was among the first to develop and implement watershed based local development programs for the benefit of local populations. We are a pioneer in application of appropriate technologies for local needs. The interventions designed by us have been of great utility in many situations and have been recognised widely.

Training Programmes

We provide training in Watershed Development, Energy, GIS, Waste Management, Livelihood etc. Functionaries, people's representatives and officials of the various programmes affiliated to the Local Self Governing institutions are welcome to undergo various technology-enabled and scientific training programmes offered by IRTC. These trainings empower the participants to be better equipped in their respective roles as facilitators, innovators or managers. Watershed based development planning is a tried and tested solution for water conservation and for the mitigation of the effects of climate change all over the world.

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