What We Offer For Students

Internship/Block placement opportunities

In the recent years IRTC has provided numerous opportunities to students from various institutions across the country in pursuing internships in the areas of Life Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Engineering, Earth Sciences, Social Sciences.

Project Guidance

Being a research institution committed to society, IRTC accords prime significance to promoting quality research among students and offers project support and guidance to students of various levels in almost all disciplines including Life Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Earth Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities etc.

Trainings and Workshops

Trainings and workshops in the core and allied areas of IRTC's operation are provided on-demand. The most sought-after ones include Geographical Information Systems (GIS) using Free Software, Fisheries, Social Work, Research Methodology, Pottery and Ceramics, Decoupage etc.

Campus Visits

Campus visits to IRTC can be taken up as group/institution exercises. The visit offers one glimpses to the various activities and models developed by IRTC over the past decades of its operation. Activities and operations are showcased, with an informal, yet professional environment for learning and clarifying doubts. A visit can inspire students and can instil a spirit of inquisitiveness and passion for research, especially in children. Currently most of the visits are undertaken by schools, colleges, scientific institutions and activist groups from across the country.

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