Trainings and Other Activities offered by IRTC

Livelihood Training (Mushroom, Soaps, Fisheries, Pottery, Clay ornaments, Decoupage)

Livelihood training, with a focus on empowering rural women has always been a focus area for IRTC. There have been a sizeable number of examples where rural populace who have undergone training have established their own micro ventures in various sectors. The philosophy of poverty eradication and empowerment envisaged through the promotion of Self Help Groups (SHG) is the driving force behind offering these training programmes.


Seminars and conferences in the topics of public interest, including science promotion, livelihood, environment and conservation, child development, gender issues, education etc. have been organized and hosted by IRTC on a regular basis. We seek to connect with all sections of the society for the purpose of technology transfer and promotion of scientific temper, and the enrichment of lives of people.

Scientific Support

The laboratories attached to IRTC are certified by Kerala State Pollution Control Board and offer services including the quality analysis and studies on Drinking water, Soil, Compost, Oil etc. There is a weather station and rain gauge attached to the main campus to aid in the forecasting and understanding of local climatic conditions.

Training and Camping Facility

The main campus and Jubilee campus of IRTC offer excellent infrastructure and facilities for the conduct of training programmes, conferences, etc. Training has been one of the strongest areas of operation of IRTC right from the start. What makes it stand apart is the fact that its beneficiaries have included people from all walks of society, especially the lesser privileged groups.

Want to get trained?

To enroll for any of the trainings offered by IRTC, please register yourself through an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please include your personal and contact details and the specific training needs. We will get back to you when adequate numbers of requests are received. However, if you are a group of at least 30, we can provide on-demand training as well.

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